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    (Open RP) I tighten the straps on my backpack. My white hospital clothes betray me and I start running even though I had already outrun the guards. I was so jittery the pebbles around me were floating slightly. 'You're telepathy is showing you idiot.' I scold myself. The pebbles drop and I keep walking fast. I look at the tower and keep my face forward "make it to the tower. That's all you have to do." I say out loud. About an hour passes and I'm almost there. You had joined me on the other side of the track a while ago and I was too nervous to ask you what you were doing. I knew you had been eyeing my hospital clothes for a while and I cursed myself for not manipulating your perception of my clothes. "Hi." I finally say looking over at you and you can hear my thick Russian accent.:

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    Overarching - Bou Nin:

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